“WELCOME TO LA HORMIGA DE ORO RESTAURANT! La Hormiga de Oro offers cantina-style Nica dishes at moderate prices for breakfast, lunch, dining in or taking out. For more than a decade, La Hormiga de Oro has been a staple for authentic Nicaraguan fare in Miami-Dade County, but you can also get a taste of the restaurant’s Central American cuisine in Pembroke Pines. It’s a taste of home to many patrons, who stop by for an early morning breakfast of scrambled eggs with chorizo, fried cheese, rice and beans and tortillas. At the end the day, they’re here for hearty meals like shrimp in garlic sauce and with Nicaragua’s famed tres leches for dessert. There are also daily specials, along with an extensive menu that will introduce newcomers to the hearty cuisine of Nicaragua, which has its roots in indigenous, Spanish and Creole cultures, Dive in with a tasty, typical dish of vigoron, a bed of boiled cassava and fried pork rinds topped with cabbage salad. Repocheta, a Nica-style quesadilla, is made with thick corn tortillas, cabbage salad and crema (delicious, slightly sour cream). Finish with a luscious flan, a fragrant rice pudding or the classic bunuelos en miel (a fried yuca fritter) that’s a treat, wherever you call home.”

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