“Repairing your roof is much more economical and less time consuming than having your roof replaced. We’ve been in business 39 years, and we’re focused on making sure you get the guaranteed roof repairs you need. No matter your roof type, Roof-Tech can help ensure you stay dry during all kinds of weather. We offer repairs for tile, shingle, and flat roofs. Don’t pay to install an entirely new roof when your existing roof can be perfectly repaired for less! We’ll repair what other companies won’t. To get an idea of how excellent our roof repair services are, ask our satisfied customers! We’ll provide you with superb residential roof repairs. Your tile roof is likely beautiful and adds a great aesthetic to your home – but tile roofs can also be complicated. The leak in your tile roof may not match up with where the water is entering your home. Let us get your leak taken care of. Considering the complications a tile roofing system can present, you shouldn’t settle for less than a company with industry experience. Repair your tile roof with us without replacing it. You don’t have to worry about tracking down a company for roof repair without knowing anything about them. We’re familiar with the issues that are common to tile roof leaking – our 39 years of industry experience will help you keep your home safe and dry. It’s important to make sure your shingles are properly placed – improper sealing of your roof penetrations can cause gaps to let water into your home. We’ll keep your shingle roof repaired so everything is sealed and keeps the water out. As with tile roofing, flat roofing leaks can sometimes result in water in your home that is nowhere near the actual source of the leak. You can put our expertise to use in identifying and repairing flat roof leaks to keep your home sealed.

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