Adaptive Immersion Technologies, a Florida-based small business, is focused on the integration of gaming technologies, skill assessment, and predictive data modeling and analytics to optimize human performance in extreme environments. Our solutions are the result of our singular pursuit of disruptive innovations in simulation-based assessment. They prepare people for cognitively demanding work by promoting resilience, readiness, and engagement. Our applied research has produced customized assessment and training systems for a variety of work domains including civilian and combat medicine, drone operations, military command and control, aviation, manufacturing, transportation, law enforcement, and intelligence.Adaptive Immersion Technologies creates adaptive simulation technologies for personnel recruitment, selection, and training. Using a proprietary simulation content development engine and algorithms, our simulations morph in real time to provide an engaging and customized experience for current and future workforce members. The delivery of only the most relevant assessment content within a realistic and engaging simulation environment ensures that assessment time is concentrated on measuring critical skills and personal attributes related to high performance. This minimizes assessment time for applicants while maximizing the amount of predictive information about their future performance.

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